About us (me!)

LessenText is currently a one-person show - it's just me, Akash, behind everything you see. I'm a software engineer and former Amazonian who left the job there about 2 months ago to pursue building my own products.


While at Amazon, I worked on various projects honing my skills in areas like distributed systems, Android tools, Developer experience. I also became ingrained with the leadership principles that drive Amazon's culture, many of which have proven invaluable in my current entrepreneurial journey.


As a solo founder, I've had to flex a lot of different muscles getting LessenText off the ground - everything from ideation and design to coding and growth marketing. It's been challenging but also immensely rewarding bringing a product to life completely on my own.

My background in engineering has allowed me to handle the technical components like building the summarization algorithm and web app. I taught myself key skills like React and NextJS along the way too.

But I've also had to level up abilities outside my comfort zone, especially on the product, marketing, and branding side. I'm constantly learning as I build LessenText.


Moving forward, I plan to bring on some fractional help in areas like design and growth where there are gaps in my experience. But for now, just think of LessenText as a scrappy one-person operation. My drive to solve real problems for readers sustains me through the demands of solo founding.

Let's connect

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